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Five ways a Shia can find freedom

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`When having a discussion with the Twelver Shi`a, we must understand
that the Shi`a believe that Muslim Orthodoxy (Ahl us- Sunna) have
corrupted and tampered with the second form of Islamic revelation, the
Sunna. It is then only the Qur’an that we will have in common. How can
we meet and what can we agree on? Maybe we should talk about where
we disagree and then see if we can come together.


1. The Twelver Shi`a are taught by their theologians that they
will never know or see God, in this life or the Hereafter.
The famous Twelver Shi`a theologian, Allamah al- Hilli (1250- 1325)
The vision (or seeing) of God is impossible.
[Islamic Creeds: A Selection, pp. 98 & 100 under the chapter, God’s Negative Attributes]
We are sad to hear that from our Shi`a acquaintances, as Allah has given
us the good news, known as the Blessed Hope in the Qur’an that He will
be seen,
For those who have ihsaan is goodness and something additional.
[Surah Yunus, ayah 26]

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said about this verse:
‘The veil will be removed and they will gaze at Him. Nothing that He
has bestowed on them will be dearer to them than gazing at Him.
And that is the something additional. ’
[Collected by Imaams at- Tirmidhi, Ibn Maajah, ad- Daaraqutni and Ahmad]

On the day that faces will be radiant, gazing at their Lord.
[Surat ul- Qiyaamah (75), ayaat (verses) 22- 23]
This has also been mentioned at some 9 other places in the Qur’an. What
a supreme reward to see and know the Possessor of Majesty and Honour!


2. Twelver Shi`a theologians have informed us that most of the
Sahaaba are untrustworthy and have fabricated lies and hadith
to please evil rulers.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, foremost modern cleric of Twelver Shi`a
thoughts says about Abu Huraira RAA in particular and the Sahaaba RAA in
"Allah knows what misfortunes Islam has suffered- from its’ inception
down to the present at the hands of these evil ulama! Abu Huraira
was one of the fuqaha, but Allah knows what judgements he falsified
for Mu`awiyah and others like him and what damage he inflicted
upon Islam. When an ordinary person enters the service of an
oppressive government, he is to be accounted a sinner, but no greater
harm will come of it. But, when a faqih like Abu Huraira or a judge
like Shuraih joins such a government, he improves its’ standing
while besmirching the reputation of Islam."

[Wilaayat ul- Faqih (Governance of the Faqih), pp. 132- 133]

This is very unfortunate indeed, for Allah has said about the Sahaaba RAA ,
"And for the poor among the emigrants, who were expelled from their
homes and their property, seeking the Favour of Allah and to please
Him and helping Allah and His Messenger, they are indeed the
truthful ones."

[Surat ul- Hashar (59), ayah (verse) 8]

Allah Subhanu wa ta'ala says about the sacrifice of our noble predecessors RAA ,
And those who, before them, had homes and had adopted the faith,
love those who emigrate to them, and have no jealously in their
breasts for that which they have been given and give them
preference over themselves, even though they were in need of that.
"And whoever is saved from his own covetous behaviour, they are

[Surat ul- Hashar (59), ayah (verse) 9]

But how has Allah commanded us to be with those who preceded us? Let
us read on carefully,
Those that came after them say, ‘Our Lord, forgive us and our
brothers who preceded us in faith and do not put hatred in our
hearts towards towards those who believe. O Our Lord! You are the
Benevolent and Compassionate. ’
[Surat ul- Hashar (59), ayah (verse) 10]

THE WIVES OF THE PROPHET (Peace and blessings be upon him)

3. The Twelver Shi`a theologians teach their followers that
`A’isha RAA , one of the wives of the Prophet SAW was an
enemy of Allah and that she was a fallen adulterous woman.
But what does the Lord of all creation say about those who accused her
of this in the time of the Prophet SAW ?
Indeed those who brought the slander are a group from among you.
Do not think it an evil thing for you. On the contrary, it is better for
you. Everyone will be rewarded by what they earned from sin and
for those who had a greater part in the sin from among them, they
will have a greater punishment

Those who enjoy that the crime of sexual intercourse should be
spread among those who believe, they will have a painful torment in
this world and in the Hereafter. Allah knows and you do not know.

[Surat un- Nur (24), ayaat (verses) 11 and 19]

How terrible to slander someone who Allah actually sent verses down to
clear their very name.
How awful would it be if someone said this type of thing about our own
wives? Or what is worse, what if someone were to say this about our
mothers? Indeed those who follow the Twelver Shi`a theologians already
have, but they do not realise.

Please read what Allah has revealed,
The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves, and his
wives are their mothers.
[Surat ul- Ahzaab, ayah 6]

Indeed, these women are our mothers in faith. They are more important
than our own mothers and they are part of the pure in faith from Ahl ul-
Bait (the Household of the Prophet SAW )

Just read what Allah says about these noble women,
O women of the Prophet! You are not like other women, provided
you have piety…

"Allah desires to remove all impurity from you,
People of the House and purify you completely. And remember the
Signs of Allah and the wise words, which are recited in your rooms.
Allah is All- Pervading, All- Aware."

[Surat ul- Ahzaab (33), ayaat (verses) 32 & 34]


4. The Twelver theologians teach their followers that the first
three khalifas, namely Abu Bakr RAA , `Umar RAA and
`Uthmaan RAA were usurpers that took hold of leadership
when in fact it was `Ali RAA who deserved to be the first

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1901- 1989) explains,
You all know how the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) lived, the Prophet who was the head of the Islamic state and its ruler. The first two khalifas adhered
to the Prophet’s SAW example in the outer conduct of their personal
lives, even though in other affairs they acted to the contrary, which
led to the grave deviations that appeared in the time of `Uthmaan,
the same deviations that have inflicted on us these misfortunes of the
present day.
[Wilaayat ul- Faqih (Governance of the Jurist), p. 39; Sharh Nahj ul- Balaaghah, V. 2, pp. 126- 161 and pp. 324- 333;
V. 3, 3- 69; V. 9, pp. 3- 90; al- Ghaadir, V. 8, pp. 97- 323]

Let us take a look at what Allah says about these three men. In the
migration from Makkah to Madinah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW and
Abu Bakr RAA took shelter in a cave. When the bounty hunters from the
Quraish were about to find them, Abu Bakr RAA cried out of love and fear
for the life of the Messenger SAW . The Messenger SAW told him not to
worry as Allah was with them. Allah mentions this incident,
And when the unbelievers drove out the second of the two and they
were in the cave, he said to his companion, ‘Do not be sad, surely
Allah is with us. ’
Then Allah sent down his tranquillity upon him
and strengthened him with forces, "which you did not see and made
the word of those who did not believe to be low and the Word of
Allah to be the highest. And Allah is Mighty and Wise."

[Surat ut- Tawba (9), ayah (verse) 40]

When `Uthmaan RAA was taken by the Quraish in Makkah and the
Muslims were afraid that he might be killed, they agreed to make a small
army and bring to justice those who had murdered him. It should be
remembered that both Abu Bakr RAA and `Umar RAA were in the crowd
during this incident.

But would Allah say the following thing about a band of usurpers,
Allah was pleased with the believers when they gave their pledge to

[Surat ul- Fath (48), ayah (verse) 18]

Most assuredly, if `Abu Bakr RAA , `Umar RAA and the absent `Uthmaan
RAA were truly so evil, such verses would not have been revealed, would
they? And Allah would never have allowed them to make a pledge to
defend and avenge the life of a usurper or a kaafir.
Infact, there is another verse where these three Sahaaba RAA as well as
`Ali RAA are mentioned together as believers when they were digging a
trench for the Great Battle of the Confederates,
And when the believers saw the confederates, they said, ‘This is what
Allah and His Messenger had promised us, and Allah and His
Messenger had spoken the truth, ’ and it only added to their faith and
their submission.
[Surat ul- Ahzaab (33), ayah (verse) 22]


5. Twelver Shi`a theologians teach their followers to hide their
true faith from other Muslims as well as non- Muslims in a
doctrine known as taqiyyah (deception). By hiding their faith,
they believe they are preserving Islam and that only their
small body of people will be fit for the Paradise.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini again informs us,
The purpose of Taqiyyah is the preservation of Islam and the Shi`ii
school; if people had not resorted to it, our school of thought would
have been destroyed.
[Wilaayat ul- Faqih (Governance of the Jurist), p. 133]

Islam is a lot greater than some small cult that needs to be hidden. Allah
has ordered us to proclaim the faith outloud, in the open to all people, to
invite them to salvation.
And proclaim the favour of your Lord
[Surat ud- Duhaa (93), ayah (verse) 11]

Proclaim what has been revealed to you from your Lord. And if you
do not, you will not have fulfilled the mission He has entrusted to

What need would there be to hide the truth from the Lord and salvation if
you are sure that you will be saved and that you are possessing of the true

And the good news of proclaiming the way of Allah is that He has said
that most Muslims will indeed be admitted to Paradise with His Grace.
He made this whole nation guided, as He Himself has revealed,
"And We have made you a just and balanced nation , to be witnesses
over humanity"

[Surat ul- Baqarah (2), ayah (verse) 143]

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has said,
Indeed, the Children of Israel will split into 71 sects and this Ummah
will have one more sect than them, all in the Fire except as- Sawaad
al- A`zam (the vast majority of people of the Muslims).
[Majma` az- Zawaa’id, V. 1, pg 179, al- Haakim in al- Mustadrak, V. 4, pg 430 al- Baihaqi in al- Madkhal, pgs. 34 and
35, Tarikh Baghdaad, V. 13, pgs. 307 and 311 and al- Faqih wal- Mutafaqqih, V. 1, pgs. 179 and 180. Also taken from
al- I`tisaam, V. 2, pgs. 458+; Faid ul- Qaadir, V. 5, p. 347 and classed hasan]

Ibn `Abbas RAA , the first cousin of the Prophet Muhammad SAW , referred
to all upright Muslims in his time as, “Ahl us- Sunna,” which in English
would be interpreted as, Muslim Orthodoxy.
[Sahih Muslim, V. 1, Muqaddamah (introduction)]

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